GDTLGas Dynamics and Turbulence Laboratory (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH)
GDTLGamma Delta T-Cell Lymphoma
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In these GDTL units, most 'talk' occurs in an online, asynchronous environment, but the Learning Management System is linear and hierarchical--not conducive to complex trains of thought in environmental sustainability.
The QAR did not sign either of the necessary forms to send the FATS to the GDTL.
The PCO's reasoning to support the termination was that (1) FATS were due 60 days after August 1, 2001, and it took nine months; (2) Beta abandoned and tried to bypass the preliminary inspection and go directly to GDTL first article testing; and (3) the results of the preliminary inspection that had been done raised a high probability that the GDTL would recommend rejection of the FATS, and therefore, he had lost confidence in Beta.