GDTSGallant Dupuis Tremblay Sauvageau (Fuller Landau; consulting firm; Canada)
GDTSGovernment Documents Technical Services (Hesburgh Libraries; University of Notre Dame)
GDTSGame Development Tools Survey (Robotic Arm Software; San Francisco, CA)
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Developed by TC BioPharm, TCB002 comprises GDT cells sourced from healthy donors, expanded and activated in large numbers before being purified and formulated for infusion into patients.
GDT cells are a subset of lymphocytes which have both innate and adaptive immune properties and represent an emerging therapeutic option for cancer and other diseases.
An average of the last 4 reversals out of 11 reversals were used to compute the GDTs so to reduce the variation in the considered GDT.
Furthermore, individual GDTs for each participant in each condition are shown in Table 2.
To compare our results with the studies of other authors we additionally assessed the GDT normative values using mean [+ or -]2 standard deviations.
The GDT in our study defined as 90th percentile stands at 6 ms for the left ear and 8 ms for the right ear.
Bourns has been developing GDTs for circuit protection for close to four decades and its dedication to the market remains unwavering.
LAK-17B glider ground dynamic tests were conducted with the developed GDTS, measurements were taken using wireless acceleration sensors located according to the layout shown in Fig.
Viewing these data from three different perspectives-technical (T), organizational (O) and personal (P)--we observed that the GDTs needed further attention in the O and P perspectives.
Recent studies on the management of GDTs tend to focus on the implications for IT systems of geographical distribution.