GDUGrowing Degree Unit (crop maturity rates)
GDUGun Display Unit
GDUGarmin Display Unit (avionics)
GDUGas Dehydration Unit
GDUGas Detection Unit
GDUGarbage Disposal Unit
GDUGeorge Double Use (band)
GDUGene Drayton Unit (band)
GDUGroveley Detection Ultrasonic
GDUGelatin Digesting Unit
GDUGlobal Delivery Unit (industrial production center network)
GDUgraphical display unit
GDUGastroduodenal Ulceration
GDUGunner Display Unit
GDUGun Direction Unit
GDUGimbal Drive Unit
GDUGlutamine Dumper (amino acid transporter in plants)
GDUGate Driver Unit (automotive)
GDUGas Drying Unit
GDUGlobal Defense Union
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GDU, formerly known as ProDrone, provides foldable UAVs.
Four coordinated, multisite production systems, each consisting of 1 MF farm that includes both gilts and pigs to produce replacement female stock, 1 GDU farm to raise replacement female gilts from 3 to ~26 weeks of age, and 4 BTW farms to raise pigs for meat, were selected to monitor the dynamics of IAV transmission in swine breeding herds.
In addition to the GDUs, main players in the G1000 include the GDC 74 air data computer and GRS 77 AHRS for attitude, rate of turn and slip/skid data.
Not so--this volume is apparently never mentioned in the GDU.
The GDU presents the calculated firing parameters to the artillery crews.
What's hot: Community Choice--local finance option; NK Corn product line; corn hybrids with Force ST insecticide with ProShield technology; Agrometer GDU monitor; portfolio approach to products; growing season update; TruPlant Planter Meter Test Stands; TruBulk soybean delivery system; NK Soybean product line; Zimmerman white corn.
It can include an integral GDU (Graphics Display Unit) which provides a network interface as well as powerful facilities for control of the display and a two way communications system that enables impending problems to be reported to the server before any incidents occur.
Clean out GDU fault log-Weekly, go into the gunner's display unit (GDU) and clean out any faults in the maintenance manager fault log.
C[yen] As the GDU units respond instantaneously to a pressurised gas leak they were able to monitor and protect open process areas in a way that conventional detectors could not do, he said.
The car, number Y879 GDU, was stolen from Shirley, Birmingham, on November 13.
Operating via the AS90's UK/PRC 351 Clansman VHF radio, the GDU receives fire control orders directly from the British Army's new BATES artillery command and control system.