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GDUGrowing Degree Unit (crop maturity rates)
GDUGun Display Unit
GDUGarmin Display Unit (avionics)
GDUGas Dehydration Unit
GDUGas Detection Unit
GDUGarbage Disposal Unit
GDUGeorge Double Use (band)
GDUGene Drayton Unit (band)
GDUGroveley Detection Ultrasonic
GDUGelatin Digesting Unit
GDUGlobal Delivery Unit (industrial production center network)
GDUgraphical display unit
GDUGastroduodenal Ulceration
GDUGunner Display Unit
GDUGun Direction Unit
GDUGimbal Drive Unit
GDUGlutamine Dumper (amino acid transporter in plants)
GDUGate Driver Unit (automotive)
GDUGlobal Defense Union
GDUGas Drying Unit
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Abbreviations A: Net assimilation rate, [micro]mols C[O.sub.2] [m.sup.-2.sub.leaf area][s.sup.-1] [g.sub.s]: Stomatal conductance, mol [H.sub.2]O [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1] [E.sub.m]: Transpiration rate, mol [H.sub.2]O [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1] [C.sub.i]: Intercellular [C[O.sub.2]], [micro]mol C[O.sub.2] mol [air.sup.-1] IWUE: Intrinsic water use efficiency, A/([g.sub.s] x 100) PPFD: Photosynthetic photon flux density, [micro]mol [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1] GS: Growth stage GDU 10: Growing degree units at base 10[degrees] C.
GDU's advanced byrd model maintains the same portability feature as the first model, and folds up small enough to fit into a backpack and has the power to lift most DSLR cameras.
On the GDU farms, 30 animals at <<26 weeks of age were sampled before movement to a BTW.
New facilities to be set up include a Gas Sweetening Unit (GSU), Gas Dehydration Unit (GDU), Dew Point Depression Unit (DPDU) and Offsite & Utilities.
Bapco's Projects Engineering Department is currently executing the project - the total cost of which is estimated at $74 million - to instal seven new Khuff Gas Dehydration Units, as well connecting one Khuff gas well, to the Central GDU at the onshore Bahrain Field as part of the 2007-2011 Khuff Gas Development Programme.
Enteric-coated bromelain proteolytic enzyme extract (2,400 GDU per gram/5,200 FIP per gram activity) in the dose of one 500 mg capsule two times daily.
Among chapters on mobile phones and stadium seating, Kathryn Pauly Morgan's essay on Gender Police stands out as an odd and telling attempt to create a kind of "kit" for what she calls Gender Dimorphic Utopia (GDU)--the world that surveys and enforces gender norms.
The GDU currently involves two sergeants and 14 Gardai and the expansion will increase the number of specialised handlers to 29.
The e500 ventilator consists of three distinct modules--a Control Panel Module (CPM), a Graphics/Data Display Module (GDM), and a Gas Delivery Unit (GDU).
A blue Fiat Uno (H156 GDU) was taken from Aberdeen Road, Nuneaton, on Thursday.
Not so--this volume is apparently never mentioned in the GDU. This non-discovery, however, led to a real one: there is an article on another volume of poems bearing the same title, by the little-known but not entirely forgotten Auguste Lacaussade (VII, 680 [1870]).