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The lone budgetary quotation was made by Deep Industries of Rs 219 crore for hiring of GDUs for three years.
(%) p value samples positive samples State * Georgia 2,520 73 (2.9) Illinois 4,490 408 (9.1) < 0.001 Nebraska 3,894 126 (3.2) Oklahoma 4,050 134 (3.3) Age group Gilt 8,028 375 (4.7) 0.85 Piglet 6,926 366 (5.3) Farm type MF, giltsf 1,526 67 (4.4) MF, piglets 1,559 72 (4.6) GDU 1,455 115 (7.9) < 0.001 BTW 10,414 487 (4.7) System 1 3,673 142 (3.9) 2 3,337 339 (10.2) < 0.001 3 4,050 134 (3.3) 4 3,894 126 (3.2) * Piglets were sampled before weaning; gilts were sampled at entry to MFs and before moving from GDUs to BTWs.
Four coordinated, multisite production systems, each consisting of 1 MF farm that includes both gilts and pigs to produce replacement female stock, 1 GDU farm to raise replacement female gilts from 3 to ~26 weeks of age, and 4 BTW farms to raise pigs for meat, were selected to monitor the dynamics of IAV transmission in swine breeding herds.
On the GDU farms, 30 animals at <<26 weeks of age were sampled before movement to a BTW.
In addition to the GDUs, main players in the G1000 include the GDC 74 air data computer and GRS 77 AHRS for attitude, rate of turn and slip/skid data.
Bapco's Projects Engineering Department is currently executing the project - the total cost of which is estimated at $74 million - to instal seven new Khuff Gas Dehydration Units, as well connecting one Khuff gas well, to the Central GDU at the onshore Bahrain Field as part of the 2007-2011 Khuff Gas Development Programme.
A Battery Computer Unit (BCU) is located at the Fire Direction Centre, while each gun under its control is equipped with a Gun Display Unit (GDU).
The GDU presents the calculated firing parameters to the artillery crews.
Growing degree units (GDU, [degrees] C) to 50% silk emergence were recorded on two replications at Ames in 1992, 1993, and 1994.
Cycle 0 through Cycle 10; FR, reciprocal full-sib: FS, full-sib: GDU, growing degree units, [degrees] C: HI, half-sib with inbred tester: [h.sup.2], heritability; MER, modified ear-to-row.
Four gas wells and three GDUs are expected to be feeding the gas network by summer 2010.