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GDWGame Designers' Workshop (wargame and roleplaying game company)
GDWGlobal Display Workstation
GDWGladwin, Michigan (Airport Code)
GDWGinga Densetsu Weed (manga/anime)
GDWGesamtverband der Wohnungswirtschaft (Berlin, Germany)
GDWGlobal Data Warehouse
GDWGenau Dann Wenn (German: If and Only If)
GDWGeospatial Data Warehouse (USDA)
GDWglobally distributed work
GDWGrin, Duck, and Weave
GDWGround-Digger Wasp (insect)
GDWGuaranteed Diamond Weight (jewellery)
GDWGreat Director Watanabe
GDWGene & Dean Ween (band)
GDWGlass Damage Waiver (rental agreements)
GDWGraphics Display Workstation
GDWGillingham and District Wheelers (North Dorset, UK cycling club)
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The abundance of denitrifiers in the rhizosphere was lower than that for bacteria, ranging from [10.sup.6] to [10.sup.7] nirS gene copies per gDW of soil (Table 1).
"Golf is a fantastic sport that has enriched my life since playing it from a young age and as part of my role as GDW ambassador sharing this experience is something I am very much looking forward to.
Regarding Mo effects, the non-nodulating cultivar showed no response to the Mo supply for SDW, Total N, %Ndfa in the shoot (y = 0.0002x + 1.216, [R.sup.2] = 0.101), GDW (y = 0.003x + 1.446, [R.sup.2] = 0.005), Total N (y = 0.026x + 43.89, [R.sup.2] = 0.153) or %Ndfa (y = -0.0003x + 1.245, [R.sup.2] = 0.082).
embassies in Nairobi, Athens and Beirut also hosted successful GDW events.
(-)-Epicatechin (0.675 g/100 g DW), procyanidin B2 (0.5142 g/100gDW), hyperoside (0.528 g/100 g DW), and chlorogenic acid (0.235 g/100 gDW) were also found (Table 5).
To apply for beginner scheme funding contact the GDW office on 01633 436040 or email
Patient was put on injection Arteether 150 mg intramuscularly once daily for 3 consecutive days along with 10 and 25% GDW, and GNS.
British machine tools and laser marking equipment supplier 600 Group Plc (LON:SIXH) said it will dispose of its Polish unit FMT Colchester Sp Zo o to German firm GDW Werkzeugmaschinen Herzogenaurach GmbH for an undisclosed sum.
where GDW is the gonad dry weight and TDW is the total dry weight of soft tissues (Guo & Luo 2006).
It calls for the "valorization" (GdW, 1998: 158) of the quarters and their inhabitants through mutual aid, subsistence economy, and requiring social welfare recipients to engage in community work or have their payments reduced.
January marks the first anniversary of the chunky infosrmation pack made available by GDW and several who have taken on board the plans and approaches have found they have increased both membership and green fees at their club.
Overall, the magnitude of the revisions to the growth rates of GDI is small and roughly the same as the magnitude of the revisions to GDW. (15) Furthermore, the revisions from the current quarterly GDI estimates to the latest estimates, which are considered to be the most accurate, are similar to the revisions from the annual revision estimates to the latest estimates (table 4).