GDWGame Designers' Workshop (wargame and roleplaying game company)
GDWGlobal Display Workstation
GDWGladwin, Michigan (Airport Code)
GDWGinga Densetsu Weed (manga/anime)
GDWGesamtverband der Wohnungswirtschaft (Berlin, Germany)
GDWGlobal Data Warehouse
GDWGeospatial Data Warehouse (USDA)
GDWGenau Dann Wenn (German: If and Only If)
GDWglobally distributed work
GDWGrin, Duck, and Weave
GDWGround-Digger Wasp (insect)
GDWGuaranteed Diamond Weight (jewellery)
GDWGreat Director Watanabe
GDWGene & Dean Ween (band)
GDWGlass Damage Waiver (rental agreements)
GDWGraphics Display Workstation
GDWGillingham and District Wheelers (North Dorset, UK cycling club)
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Golf is a fantastic sport that has enriched my life since playing it from a young age and as part of my role as GDW ambassador sharing this experience is something I am very much looking forward to.
The GDW launch event, under the theme "Partnering for Global Impact," drew approximately 300 attendees representing the United States and a variety of countries of heritage.
Then, after the loss-making Polish business was closed, 600 Group had held talks with its customer GDW which had eventually led to an agreement on the sale.
This article primarily addresses how the GDW was carried out and why it deviated so drastically from the typical developmental campaigns launched by other East Asian states.
I would encourage anyone to take up this great sport and to show my commitment any club that runs a GDW beginner Women or Girls scheme in 2015 will be entered in to a prize draw to win a personal clinic with me at their club.
Island head of leisure and community,Aled Roberts, said: ``There is great potential here on the Island and by working in partnership with the clubs as well as the WGU and GDW, we are beginning to tap into it.
In 2015 there is a special emphasis on courses for people with a disability, building on the new schemes and coaching developed through GDW over the last two years, with more than 20 clubs in Wales running disability courses this time round.
The Golf Development Wales scheme is part of National Golf Awareness Month, aimed at attracting nomadic and lapsed member golfers to membership as well as encouraging beginners to take up lessons or join the GDW Beginner coaching initiatives.