GDZGöttinger Digitalisierungszentrum (German)
GDZGelendzik (Russia)
GDZGiovanna de Zen (Italy)
GDZGrid Discovery Zone (Singapore)
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Two gunmen entered the bar shortly before 11pm and singled out their victim, firing a number of shots before fleeing the scene in a blue Ford Sierra car, registration GDZ 5662.
After a couple of years people will have become used to calling you GDZ 5034, and you'll be able to spend the money you've saved on something more useful - like a matching set of driving gloves and steering wheel cover or better still - a year's worth of therapy.
For internal users in the portal of the GDZ also will be included: order management, service management with the management of user identities and rights as well as the workflow control of the workflows in the GDZ.