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GDataGoogle data APIs (Google)
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Maps,, YouTube, GData, and Ajax widgets.
Industry standards supported include SQL, XML, RDF, RDF Schemas, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLEDB, SPARQL, GData, XQuery, XPath, XSLT, XML/A, OpenSearch, WebDAV, HTTP, NNTP, Atom Publishing, RSS, SOAP, GRDDL and more.
Google said developers will have access to three JavaScript and Gdata APIs to access social functions; a live developer sandbox on orkut at; and sample code, documentation and a support group at
I guess there will be international gdata drivenh collaboration spreading out all over the world hereafter, making a clear distinction from the collaboration through knowledge or technology in the past.
AA: At present Cerebra is a VAD for Cannon Technologies, Fujitsu, FalconStor, Fibrenetix, Milestone and GData. We are structured in such a way that there is a separate business unit for each vendor.
The function developed for creating ToxPi profiles was based upon R code (R Development Core Team 2008) in the graphics, gdata, and lattice packages (R Foundation for Statistical Computing 2010), and the visualization is a modification of iconographic displays called "spider" or "radar" plots (von Mayr 1877).