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GDataGoogle data APIs (Google)
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One great example of this is the GData API for integrating Google data and services with other Web sites (http://code.
I guess there will be international gdata drivenh collaboration spreading out all over the world hereafter, making a clear distinction from the collaboration through knowledge or technology in the past.
AA: At present Cerebra is a VAD for Cannon Technologies, Fujitsu, FalconStor, Fibrenetix, Milestone and GData.
The function developed for creating ToxPi profiles was based upon R code (R Development Core Team 2008) in the graphics, gdata, and lattice packages (R Foundation for Statistical Computing 2010), and the visualization is a modification of iconographic displays called "spider" or "radar" plots (von Mayr 1877).
Aastra CyberRoam Hauri Acteck DataShield Koblenz AOC Encore PC Hardward APC by Schneider Electric Enterasys Prolicom Barracuda Networks Eset ProtektNet CompuSoluciones eSolution Siemens Contpaqi Fibremex WatchGuard CyberPower Gdata
Algunos de los patrocinadores ya confirmados son CompuSoluciones, Eset, GData, Prolicom, Aastra, CyberPower, Enterasys y Siemens, entre otros.
Haciendo de Internet una herramienta segura y productiva de aprendizaje y para la realizacion de negocios, GData ofrece productos de seguridad en los sistemas de informacion en todas las plataformas de operacion.