GE2God Eater 2 (gaming)
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We want the court to discountenance exhibit GE2 of counter affidavit of the 1st respondent with exhibit PDP2 in counter affidavit of the 4th defendant.
O percentual de Disfluencias Tipicas da Gagueira (DTG) e o escore obtido no Instrumento de Gravidade da Gagueira (SSI-3) foram maiores no Grupo Experimental 2 (GE2) uma vez que este grupo foi constituido por participantes com gagueira grave ou muito grave, enquanto que o Grupo Experimental 1 (GE1) por pessoas com gagueira moderada.
Ja no que tange ao GE2, a analise exclui uma dimensao (relacionamento com a matriz), na qual a Mapfre e a Austral apresentaram divergencias entre si, o que nao permite utiliza-la em uma comparacao.
The application of learning itinerary strategies to GE1 and GE2 students--9[degrees]1 and 9[degrees]3 ninth grade--facilitated the thematic compliance with the fourth period, one of the most difficult ones, given the students are ending the academic year and frequently have class absences due to the number of programmed activities, whether institutional or personal, which can have a real influence.
GE2 We are significantly more 4.02/1.39 4.87/1.55 satisfied with the quality of the LSP services than we expected.