GEAPGuyana Education Access Project (1999-2003)
GEAPGeorgia Extended Asset Pool (Atlanta, GA)
GEAPGambia Environmental Action Plan (National Environment Agency; Banjul, Gambia)
GEAPGroupe Européen d'Administration Publique (French: European Public Administration Group)
GEAPGlial E2F1-Associated Proteins
GEAPGeneral Electric Atomic Products
GEAPGender Equity Action Planners
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The GEAP marked the Banks first official engagement in green growth, which is a key part of the Banks Strategy 2013-2022.
The GEAP proposes steps and actions that Mauritius must undertake so as to transform its economy towards an inclusive and green one.
As per the GEAP, an investment of 1% to 2% of GDP in projects identified in the seven sectors, will trigger the transition to the Green Economy as defined by the GEAP.
The GEAPS engineers will upgrade the gas turbines' high-pressure compressor rotors, high-pressure compressor stators, and low-pressure turbine stators, some of which date back to 1981.
The Corbett Award recognizes GEAPS associate members for extraordinary volunteer leadership contributions on behalf of their entire organization.
GEAPS Associates Board President Tom Runyon cited Towne's far-ranging influence as an innovative designer of grain-storage and handling systems as well as his commitment to industry safety.
Cytec Solvay Group announced today that it will present its phosphine gas fumigation technologies at the upcoming 2016 GEAPS Exchange in Austin, Texas from February 28 March 1.
The machine was officially launched at the Asian International Coffee Conference in Bangkok and the GEAPS grain processing machinery exhibition ill Minneapolis.