GEAPSGrain Elevator And Processing Society (formerly Society of Grain Elevator Superintendents)
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The GEAPS engineers will upgrade the gas turbines' high-pressure compressor rotors, high-pressure compressor stators, and low-pressure turbine stators, some of which date back to 1981.
Jeffrey Kolpa, Global Marketing Manager Phosphorus Specialties, says At Cytec we were proud to have been a part of the GEAPS Exchange for over 15 years.
At GEAPS, Cytec Solvay Group will be partnering with Horn Technologies Inc, the manufacturer of the unique Horn Diluphos System which allows on-site blending of Cytecs VAPORPH3OS phosphine fumigant with ambient air.
GEAPS Associates Board President Tom Runyon cited Towne's far-ranging influence as an innovative designer of grain-storage and handling systems as well as his commitment to industry safety.