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CAST: Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, Sterling Jerins, Claire Geare, Pierce Brosnan
This argument is reinforced by Edgar and Geare (2013) who examine features of managerial practice and culture within university departments associated with superior research performance.
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En la actualidad, las practicas de recursos humanos se han convertido en uno de los dominios mas utilizados en el ambito de los Recursos Humanos como indican Arthur (1992), Pfeffer (1994), MacDuffie (1995), Edgar y Geare (2005), Stavrou y Brewster (2005) y Liu, Combs, Ketchen e Ireland (2007).
Geare, Edgar and McAndrew (2009) studied the workplace values of managers and workers in New Zealand.
See also Alan Geare, 'Legal Rights of Employees in the Event of Dismissal: The New Zealand Situation' (2007) 23 International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations 267.
The most common approach used in measuring HRM practices (such as recruitment and selection) is additive approach (Edgar & Geare 2005).
WILL Atenton (Daniel Craig) is a successful publisher in Manhattan, who abandons the city to spend more time with his wife Libby (Rachel Weisz) and daughters Dee Dee (Claire Geare) and Trish (Taylor Geare) in the suburbs.