GEATAGreedy Energy-Aware Task Allocation (algorithm)
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Hygd swi[thorn]e geong, wis, wel-[thorn]ungen, [thorn]eah [thorn]e wintre lyt under burh-locan gebiden haebbe Haere[thorn]es dohter; naes hio hnah swa [thorn]eah ne to gnea[thorn] gifa Geata leodum ma [thorn]m-gestreona.
This is followed by the negated finite verb and the nominative subject goldwine Geata; the finite verb gealp seems to be on the fourth stressed position of its line.
to banan wurde (587) to handbanan (1330) to hofum Geata (1836)
For example, the tradition of Dinnsheanchas or lore of placenames is both continued and innovated by the way the poet whimsically Anglicizes the names of two local townlands: Baile an Geata as "Gaytown" and Caiseal na gCorr as "Fort of the Queers." While queering the landscape in this way gives homosexuality literally a place in the Irish community, other uses of the tradition focus rather on the exclusion of the "love that dare not speak its name." O Searcaigh's use of the word "geasa" to refer to his sexual orientation, a term borrowed from the Old Irish sagas and suggesting a prohibition or taboo that was often imposed on someone against his will or without his permission, reveals the extent to which homosexuality was (and is) experienced in rural, Gaelic Ireland as a secret burden.
Moreover, Hrothgar identifies the sailors from whom he has learned of Beowulf's strength as "pa de gifsceattas / Geata fyredon // pyder to pance" (378-79a; "those who brought treasures thither to the Geats for thanks").
I cannot avoid a suspicion that the fifty years' reign of Beowulf over the Geatas may quite conceivably be a poetic fiction; that the downfall of the Geatic kingdom and its absorption in Sweden were very possibly brought about by the destruction of Hygelac and all his warriors at the mouth of the Rhine.
pa waes synn ond sacu Sweona ond Geata ofer wid waeter wroht gemaene, hereni??
Gewat pa twelfa sum torne gebolgen dryhten Geata dracan sceawian; haefde pa gefrunen, hwanan sio faehd aras, bealoni??