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While speaking with Journalists in Bauchi on Monday, Aliyu Gebi, who is aspiring to represent Bauchi Federal constituency, opined that the onus now lies on Governor Mohammed Abubakar as the leader of the party in the state to stand on truth and honesty by ensuring that the voice of the people is not scuttled.
The most recent reprint is a Chinese translation that appeared in 2002 under the title Gebi shamo (The Gobi Desert), published in Beijing by China Youth Publishing House.
Duplication groups consisting of clones with similar or related vernacular names 1 Chele ariko (C), Tuti ariko (C) 2 Bajo (D), Yahi bajo (D), Woiro (D) 3 Ganji bocho (C), Chele bocho (D) 4 Aei nobo (C), Anami nobo (C), Chele nobo (C), Gebi nobo (C), Machi nobo (C), Neche nobo (C), Goshno (C), Omo (C), Chongo (D) 5 Ketano (C), Katino (C), Akibero (C), Kachichi (C), Choro (D) 6 Bekecho (H), Bokucho (H) B.
Colloquial Pekingese has gebo [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPORDUCIBLE IN ASCII] gebi [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPORDUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'arm', with corresponding forms in other Mandarin dialects, which must be related to the classical word bi [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] EMC [pjia.sub.h] 'arm'.