GEBOSGeneralized Exploratory Base Operations
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The system, which her husband Chris Gebo and his company Gebo Inc.
Gebo said, solar power will be fed into the grid and will be measured by a "reverse meter,'' installed by National Grid.
Gebo. "The sun, our largest supplier of that energy, is our most valuable and precious source.
Gebo now not only teaches yoga, but also employs two other yoga instructors, Caitlin Borsini and Kathy Bennett.
Gebo employs six people, or "team members'' as she calls them.
The Gebos system has to support business activities in a wide range of banks, from those with only a few branches to large ones with over a hundred.
We have employed various patterns in the Gebos system, but the Role Object Pattern is crucial for the integration of the business domain and business sections.
A framework of the Gebos system does not match a specific class hierarchy, but contains parts of different class hierarchies.
Each framework of the Gebos System is divided into a concept part and one or more implementation parts [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
Figure 5 is a simplified representation of the Gebos system's layers and frameworks.