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GECMGilbert-Elliott Channel Model
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The Generalized Error Correction Model (GECM) was then derived as shown below:
The GECM, unlike the ARDL model, directly tells how quickly the system reacts to any disequilibrium, as [gamma] the coefficient on the lag of Y is the error correction rate.
For the permission and attention in the study of the material under their care we thank: Robert Voss, Eileen Westwig (AMNH); Sergio Bogan, Yolanda Davies (CFA); Ruben Barquez, Monica Diaz (CML); Bruce Patterson, Bill Stanley (FMNH); Mauro Lucherini, Estela Luengos (GECM); Mauro Schiaffini, Gabriel Martin (LIEB); David Flores, Sergio Lucero (MACN); Diego Verzi, Itati Olivares (MLP); Kristofer Helgen, Darrin Lunde (NMNH).
El GECM, a diferencia del modelo ADL, nos dice directamente que tan rapido reacciona el sistema a cualquier desequilibrio, dado que [gamma] es el coeficiente del rezago de [M.sub.t - 1] - [Y.sub.t - 1], y [gamma] es la tasa de la correccion de errores.
Tambien se puede derivar el multiplicador de largo plazo del GECM. Supongamos que la relacion de equilibrio esta dada por [M.sup.*] = [k.sub.1] [Y.sup.*], donde de nuevo [k.sub.1] es el multiplicador de largo plazo.
The ADL specification can by transformed into general error correction model (GECM) first by taking first difference of [Y.sub.t] , and by adding and subtracting [B.sub.0] [X.sub.t-1] from right hand side and then ([A.sub.1]-1) [X.sub.t-1] is to added and subtracted from the right hand side.
GECM is bit cumbersome in application and Bardsen version of ADL is more convenient and its specification is derived as:
Since 1996, he has led the Mammal Behavioral Ecology Group (GECM), a team of Argentine biologists who work toward the understanding and conservation of neotropical mammals.
Luengos Vidal has worked with Argentina carnivores since 1994 and is one of the founders of GECM. She is completing a Master's degree in Biology at the Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS) studying the Pampas fox (Pseudalopex gymnocercus).