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GECOGroupe d'Étude en Chirurgie Osseuse
GECOGustave Genschow Co. (German cartridge headstamp)
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Specialising in recruiting critical IT development, networking, infrastructure and support professionals for permanent and contract positions, GECO is celebrating 20 years of success.
Through a proprietary assessment programme, GECO assures quality and productivity for all consultants and an extensive network of skilled technology specialists for its customers.
Both the site and GECO are in Italian, but we are working hard to translate it into English in order to widen the SQM-Network to the rest of the World; at the moment we have four international stations in Canada, Norway, Spain, and Mexico.
The GECO stock, as well as those based on NBR and NBR/PVC, were compounded with a semi-EV cure system.
The NBR/PVC compound somewhat mimics the GECO and ECO in hardness loss in Fuel C; nine points, three points and eight points respectively.
L'etude du cas de la GECO demontre toutefois la limite d'une approche uniquement centree sur les interventions gouvernementales, puisque le secteur prive, influence par la transformation du marche de l'emploi et par les contraintes de l'entrainement militaire obligatoire pour certains hommes, embaucha des femmes en grand nombre des 1941 (7).
This product is being developed and tested by GECO Systems.
However, CM, CSM and GECO exhibit significantly smaller changes in elongation-at-break than the NBR/PVC compounds.
The establishment of Oasis interfaces, Maloia, and GECO Pcadc3 with road base.
Open content delivery platform GECO Gaming has established a partnership with online gaming company Daub Alderney.
Un genero de lagartijas del Sudeste de Asia, Gecos con pulgares de hojas (Dixonius) fue nombrado en su honor asi como varias especies de reptiles y anfibios tales como la Rana Mirona de labios blancos (Eleutherodactylus dixoni=Eleutherodactylus albolabris), el lagarto gris moteado de cola larga (Cnemidophorus dixoni), el Geco de pulgares lanceolados de Dixon (Phyllodactylus dixoni), y la Serpiente de ojos grandes (Thamnodynastes dixoni).