GECSGeneral Electric Capital Services, Inc. (General Electric Company)
GECSGraduated Elastic Compression Stocking (medical clothing)
GECSGlobal Education Consultancy Services (India)
GECSGlobal Educational Collaboration System (Germany)
GECSGreenhouse Gas Emission Control Strategies
GECSGlobal Enterprise Collaboration Services (Telstra, Inc.; Australia)
GECSGlobal Event Control Server (Vinzant Software)
GECSGreg Evans Computer Solutions, LLC (Aurora, CO; est. 1988)
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South Asia was the most confident region in this quarter's GECS, with the region's two biggest economies, India and Pakistan, set to grow strongly over the next year.
The report attributes a decline in the GECS investment opportunities index -- the benchmark fell to its lowest level since the final quarter of 2012 -- to uncertainty about the outcome of the November vote.
Additionally, more than half of the global GECS sample (58%, up from 55% in late 2013) were optimistic about the state of their national economies, reporting that recovery was underway or about to begin.
Explain why "equity method" is probably the best name for the method of accounting used by GE-Parent in relation to its investment in GECS.
The GECS reports a "growing sense that the global economy is moving into a sustained recovery" but notes that firms were still quick to cut staff when faced with uncertainty: 41% of respondents said that their firm had cut staff or halted recruiting in the second quarter-nearly twice the number that increased staff levels in the same period.
GECS is a worldwide survey of 2,700 finance professionals, now in its third year, undertaken by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).
The sophisticated system uses sound, video, and animation - and actual GECS employees and case studies - to familiarize new hires with the ins and outs of the Stamford, CT, company's loan processes.
A possible explanation for some of the differing views contained in the NBES and the GECS reports may be that each surveyed a different population.
While most major GECS markets have held on to some of the confidence gains made in early 2012, Pakistan has not.
Fieldwork for the Q1 2016 GECS took place between 26 February and 15 March, and attracted more than 1,200 responses from ACCA and IMA members around the world, including more than 100 CFOs.
The GECS results show that the impact of a drop in activity in OECD countries has for the last few months been trickling down the supply chain, first to the Asia-Pacific region and then to Africa .