GEDSGrace Episcopal Day School (various locations)
GEDSGeneva English Drama Society (est. 1933; Geneva, Switzerland)
GEDSGovernment Electronic Directory Service (Canada)
GEDSGlobal Event Data System
GEDSGeneral Enterprise Data Systems (Germany)
GEDSGenital Examination Distress Scale
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The data show that, in the early 1970s, 30% of the work force had not completed high school or gotten GEDs, but in recent years the share had dropped to about 11%--and just 7% for native-born Americans, black and white combined.
Still, according to city data, only 448 teenagers, or 14 percent of all program participants, got GEDs or diplomas, or gained skills last year.
The 58-year-old program awarded a record 524,535 GEDs in 1996.
In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Brian Fitzpatrick takes pride in the fact that he offers at-risk youth who have been expelled or suspended an alternate way to learn the skills they need to pass the GED examination.
Now he's looking to further his education at a technical college as he tutors others who are trying to get their GEDs. He talks of pulling others up, giving back and inspiring young people to keep studying until they finish.
A key difference between the two methods is this: Under the new formula, students who earn GEDs, modified diplomas or other alternative credentials are counted as part of the freshman class that's been tracked, but they're not considered graduates.
Of this number, 792 Kentuckians have obtained their GEDs. A primary indicator of the successes is the placements--which are classified as full-time employment, full-time education, full-time military, or a combination of employment and education--resulting after graduation.
New Mexico's challenge as a state is to develop strategies to increase degree attainment at all levels (from high school diplomas and GEDs to doctorates) while also focusing in particular on those degrees crucial to the New Mexico economy.
For the first time, students will be counted as dropouts if they don't earn GEDs, pass TAKS, or if they never go to class in a district where they claimed to have transferred.
The lab is staffed and equipped through the technical center and located in the government products division of Pratt and Whitney, where more than 8,000 employees have developed basic employability and academic skills leading to promotions, GEDs and improved work performance.