GEDVGlobal End-Diastolic Volume
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There was a significant increase in CVP and GEDV and decrease in SVV and PPV after fluid loading.
AUC for PLR was comparable for all three measurement cycles (AUC=0.72, 0.74 and 0.70, respectively), whereas CVP and GEDV could not identify fluid responders.
There were only significant differences between the AUC of SVV, PPV and PLR compared to CVP and GEDV during CMV as well as the AUC of SW, PPV and PLR compared to GEDV during PSV (Table 5).
These measurements are used to calculate EVLW and GEDV which like cardiac output may be indexed to body surface area (Figure 2).
Calculation of the ITBV is based on the extrapolation of GEDV and assumes a linear relationship between the two (58,60).
Compared with pressure-based measures, GEDV and ITBV or their indexed equivalents GEDVI and ITBVI are volumetric measures of preload derived from features of the trans-cardiopulmonary thermodilution curve using the PiCCO device (Figure 2).