GEDVGlobal End-Diastolic Volume
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Compared with pressure-based measures, GEDV and ITBV or their indexed equivalents GEDVI and ITBVI are volumetric measures of preload derived from features of the trans-cardiopulmonary thermodilution curve using the PiCCO device (Figure 2).
Cardiac function index (the ratio of cardiac output to GEDV) and global ejection fraction (the ratio of stroke volume to GEDV multiplied by a factor of 4) are simply derived as ratios of cardiac output and volumetric measurements.
APPENDIX 1 Glossary of terms CFI cardiac function index EDT exponential decay time EVLW extravascular lung water GEDV global end-diastolic volume GEF global ejection fraction ITBV intrathoracic blood volume MTT mean transit time PiCCO pulse index continuous cardiac output PVPI pulmonary vascular permeability index [S.