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GEERGreater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration
GEERGeo-Engineering Earthquake Reconnaissance (University of California, Berkeley)
GEERGujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (India)
GEERGlobal Engineering Education and Research (conference)
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When we did this, it allowed us essentially to go to market with the perfect ad," Geer said.
Geer and Pittelkow offered tips on how to encourage career development discussions outside of formal performance reviews:
How and why Geer died that afternoon in August, 2013, after police responded to a reported domestic dispute at his home, remained a mystery for 17 months.
The judge found that prior to engaging in the lift, Geer failed to verify the weight of the load, as required.
So, more than five years after the accident, the law has decided that the total penalty for Sonny's death comes to a PS5,000 fine plus PS1,000 costs apiece for Geer and Basquine for breaching Work at Height Regulations.
First, Geer postulated an "asymmetry" between positive and negative ads.
Which is probably why I've put off posting a note here about the article from which the above quote was taken, a thought-provoking essay in the Harvard National Security Journal by Dan Geer, chief information security philosopher officer for In-Q-Tel, the not-for-profit venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency.
USA Track & Field (USATF) spokeswoman Jill Geer said the U.
In the spirit of roving Scots-Irish storytellers from a bygone era, the "Shanachies"--Erik Boekesteijn, Jaap van de Geer, and Geert van den Boogaard--traveled to libraries both large and small in 2007, meeting with librarians to encourage, record, and share their stories.
Roy and Marie Geer of Cottage Grove celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary recently with an ocean-themed family gathering at their daughter's home in Eugene.
In her introduction, Van de Geer (paleontology and historical geology, National University, Athens, Greece) states that this amazing study of Indian animal carvings might be of interest to zoologists, Indologists and art historians.