GEERSGeneral Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme (Australia)
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It was said that Pop Geers, the great racing driver, would himself be there.
With a strange ab- sorbed light in his eyes he pounced upon Ed Thomas, he who knew Pop Geers and whose opin- ion of Tony Tip's chances was worth considering.
Look more closely and you'll see that these drawn lines are in fact depictions of barbed wire--a material that Geers has often used in his work in reference to its historical role in enforcing apartheid.
The US-based but Dutch-registered company has a declaration on its website saying its products are not designed or intended for use in executions, but Geers said Mylan could do more to police their use.
Geers, a South African conceptual artist, decided to invite several female artists who commonly address feminist issues to show their work and named the exhibition after the exclamation "Eureka!" by ancient Greek scholar Archimedes.
Labonne and David Labonne, parents of Audrey LaBonne; student Vernoica Valentin; Peter Labonne, Audrey's brother; and Suzy Geers of Southbridge Make-A-Wish gathered for a brief ceremony to witness the donation of more than $750 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Geers said, 'I can confirm a first payment from Youngman.
When the money will come depends on when regulatory approval will be obtained in China, Saab spokesman Eric Geers told DI, adding that the process was going well.
Dortmund-based Geers has a network of about 450 stores, chiefly located in Germany, Switzerland and Poland.
Dortmund-based Geers operates some 450 stores, primarily located in Germany, Switzerland and Poland.