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GEFGlobal Environment Facility
GEFGlobal Economic Forum
GEFGuanine-Nucleotide Exchange Factor (biology)
GEFGlobal Environmental Forum (est. 1990; Japan)
GEFGigabit Ethernet over Fiber
GEFGlobal Environment Fund
GEFGeneral Endowment Fund (various organizations)
GEFGuidance for Employment of the Force (US DoD national military strategy)
GEFGerman Elite Force (gaming)
GEFGraduate Education Foundation
GEFGeneric Extensibility Framework
GEFGeneral Exhaust Fan (various companies)
GEFGlobal Ejection Fraction
GEFGrazing Enhancement Fund (Canada)
GEFGreen Earth Foundation (New York, NY)
GEFGeneralized Earliest-First
GEFGeneral Electric Foundation
GEFGain Equalization Filters
GEFGround Equipment Failure
GEFGalaxy Evolution Probe (NASA)
GEFGas Expansion Factor (physics)
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Environmental Specialist, GEF International Waters Focal Area and Mr.
The organization works to facilitate civil society inputs to GEF processes.
Founded in 1990, GEF is one of the most experienced and successful private equity firms to focus exclusively on investing globally in emerging companies whose business operations deliver measurable environmental improvements, cleaner energy and sustainable management of natural resources.
Innovation is a characteristic that an institution such as the GEF clearly must foster by using its resources as "seed money" to finance imaginative entrepreneurial efforts and technologies that do not yet have a market base.
You've heard of the `East Asian Miracle,' says Alfred Duda, senior advisor on international water issues for the GEF Secretariat.
The GEF Independent Evaluation Office (GEF IEO) has a central role in ensuring the independent evaluation function within the GEF.
GEF-4 replenishment discussions included the following subjects: (i) the Third Overall Performance Study of the GEF (OPS3); (ii) programming of resources for the GEF-4; (iii) policy recommendations for the GEF-4; and (iv) financial arrangements and burden sharing for the GEF-4.
The GEF is based in Washington, DC, next door to the headquarters of the World Bank, which is one of the three organizations that oversee implementation of GEF projects (the other two are the United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] and the United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP]).
Fourth Biennial GEF International Waters Conference
David Read Barker, president of Monitor International, which coordinates nongovernmental organizations' interaction with the GEF, was disappointed in the protests.
The GEF Council at its meeting in June 2006, requested the executive director of UNEP and the chair of the STAP to review the terms of reference of the STAP and to develop a proposal for the Council to enhance the panel's effectiveness and relevance to the GEF.