GEFMAGerman Facility Management Association
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The software must be 400 (computer-aided facility management) include the following application modules based on the GEFMA (1) basic catalog;(2) land management;(3) maintenance management;(4) Cleaning Management;(5) Asset Management;(6) Reservation Management;(7) locking system management;(8) Relocation management;(9) Rental Management;(10) controlling energy;(11) Health and safety;(12) Help and Service Desk;(13) Budget, measures, projects.
The services required in accordance with DIN 32736 and VDMA 24196 and by services of janitorial services in the field of infrastructural building management (GEFMA 200) expands.
The contracting authority awards a contract for the provision of services in the field of technical building management (GEFMA Directive 100), and parent coordination services in the aforementioned buildings.