GEFTGroup Embedded Figures Test
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GEFT, which focuses on digital empowerment in education, offers an exclusive platform for distinguished education and technology personalities to discuss and exchange insights about the importance of technology in education.
As for learning styles of preservices, they were classified as field dependent and field independent by scoring the answers they gave to GEFT.
The participants completed the GEFT and provided basic demographic information regarding their gender, and age at testing during the final phase of their grade 5 year at school.
On the basis of earlier western researches the investigator become interested to see the gender differences on GEFT scores (cognitive styles)of Pakistani young adults and to extend this phenomena to their purchasing behavior.
In a comprehensive review of eight highly regarded learning styles including the GRSLSS, Kolb's LSI, and GEFT, Santo (2004) argues the learning style construct is vague, that learning style instruments tend to be self-assessment that rely on honesty and self-awareness, and that these instruments tend to be low in reliability and validity.
The range of a GEFT score is from 0 to 18, and the mean of the score is calculated as the discriminating point (lower is field dependent, and higher is field independent).
1997) administered the test of cognitive style using the GEFT to 110 undergraduate students in accounting, marketing and administration and the results indicated that the students of business administration were moderately field-independent.
Se realizaron tambien pruebas de validez predictiva de las estrategias respecto al rendimiento academico, por medio de analisis de regresion lineal multiple; respecto al cociente intelectual mediante correlaciones entre puntuaciones de estrategias y de CI, y respecto al estilo cognitivo dependencia-independencia de campo, evaluado mediante el GEFT, correlacionando ambas puntuaciones.
Griffiths and Sheen concluded their paper by making the suggestion that if FI/FD and the GEFT were to have a future in SLA research, this would probably be in investigations of aptitude rather than of cognitive style.
LIEBE GEFT is Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.
The GEFT is a standardized paper and pencil test consisting of 18 items, which takes 20 minutes to complete.
5) The Witkin GEFT (Group Embedded Figure Test) determines a learner's cognitive style by studying how the learner finds simple geometric figures embedded in more complex figures.