GEFTGroup Embedded Figures Test
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The two-day GEFT forum ended yesterday and saw participation of more than 350 teachers and educational experts from around the world.
The present study utilized the Group Embedded Figure Test (GEFT) designed by Oltman et.
Investigating this problem scientifically Herman Witkin (1971) in collaboration with Oltman and Ruskin invented the Group Embedded Figure Test (GEFT).
In a comprehensive review of eight highly regarded learning styles including the GRSLSS, Kolb's LSI, and GEFT, Santo (2004) argues the learning style construct is vague, that learning style instruments tend to be self-assessment that rely on honesty and self-awareness, and that these instruments tend to be low in reliability and validity.
Table 1 Results of Linear Regression Analysis that Predicts the Academic Achievement Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Verification .416 * .342 * .317 * Motivation .176 * .178 * GEFT .140 * F 60.74 * 34.49 25.87 GL 311 311 311 [R.sup.2] 0.173 0.198 0.217 [DELTA][R.sup.2] 0.173 0.026 0.019 * p <.0001.
Physicians Health Study 50-80 yas araligi grubu kaynak olarak alindigi igin sosyoekonomik durum ve saglik hizmetine ulasim toplumla genellestirilebilir degil, farkli irklar ve toplumlara uyarlanabilirligi supheli ASSIGN--Assessing Cardiovascular Risk to Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network/SIGN to Assign Preventive Treatment DM--diyabetes mellitus, FRS--framingham Risk Score, HDL--yuksek yogunluklu lipoprotein, Hgb--hemoglobin, hsCRP--yuksek duyarlikli C-reaktif protein, HT--hipertansiyon, KB--kan basmci, KABG--koroner arter baypas geft cerrahisi, KKH--koroner kalp hastaligi, KVH--kardiyovaskuler hastalik, LVH--sol ventrikul hipertrofisi, MI--miyokart enfarktusu
The second independent variable was cognitive style, either field dependent or field independent, which was determined by the Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT), a highly reliable test of cognitive style (Witkin & Goodenough, 1981).
1743 freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students all majoring in English at different Iranian universities and colleges took the Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT).
* Estilos cognitivos dependencia e independencia de campo; cujos indicadores sao os valores obtidos como resultado da aplicacao do teste perceptivo GEFT.