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GEGEGroupe d'Etude sur la Gouvernance de l'Eau (French: Water Governance Research Group)
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Darijimi, maseja je ki n to aye wo gege bi esinsin to n tumo waini Owo
Hui [parallel]khata-aba ta ge gere hui khoese, ai[parallel]gause has gere !khaib, dis gere xun, [??]us gere [??]un tsin hoan ge ti oa-i gere !ai!na xuna, [parallel]na-amaga ta gege !kho-oa tama ha-i.
After working for a few years as the sole person in the office, Gege branched out and formed the office team--a team that has grown for more than a decade.
Odair Fortes and Gege gave the Portuguese, who had Pinto sent off, red faces as they scored the goals that clinched a stunning victory for Cape Verde - with a population of 525,000.
Codes for the species: Anly: Anchoa lyolepis; Anle: Anchoviella lepidentostole; Atbr: Atherinella brasiliensis; Baro: Bairdiella ronchus; Casp: Cathorops spixii; Ceed: Cetengraulis edentulus; Dirh: Diapterus rhombeus; Euar: Eucinostomus argenteus; Geba: Genidens barbus; Gege: Genidens genidens; Hacl: Harengula clupeola; Mucu: Mugil curema; Opog: Ophisthonema oglinum; Poco: Pomadasys corvinaeformis; Sabr: Sardinella brasiliensis; Spgr: Sphoeroides greeleyi; Spte: Sphoeroeides testudineus; Stra: Stellifer rastrifer.
Right, Gordon Strachan at Hampden in 1983 and as Scotland boss HIGHGH HOPOPESES Tartan Army fans tat Worldldld C pup in GeGe mrmanany in 1 9797974.
--Ede Yoruba gege bi oko ti a fi n tu iwa omoluabi gunle sebuute ayo lawujo.
Two of the pandas (Gege and Zhangka) also had serum antibodies that inhibited hemagglutination mediated by an H6 subtype avian influenza virus 3 months after the respiratory infection, whereas no such antibodies were detected before the respiratory infection (Table).
Those interested in attending may contact PINOC 2013 Secretariat through Mildred Ngoaban (66906503) or Gege Ramos (77837655).
Cape Verde Islands restored parity in the 81st minute when Gege headed home after sustained pressure on Angola and Ramos Heldon clinched the game in the last minute as he fired home a rebound after Lama could not hold a fierce shot.