GEHAGovernment Employees Health Association
GEHAGovernment Employees Hospital Association
GEHAGerman-Hardcopy AG (Garbsen, Germany; formerlyh Gebrüder Hartmann)
GEHAGeorgia Environmental Health Association, Inc.
GEHAGebrüder Hartmann
GEHAGebrüder Haas (Vienna, Austria; door and windows manufacturer)
GEHAGeert Hardeman (Dutch company in Zeist)
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Geha will lead iBASIS' global operations, engineering, IT, and product development.
Daher and Geha expressed skepticism of this figure, estimating that extra virgin olive oil, in fact, makes up less than 5 percent of all oil produced in the country.
This Season 4, another change is expected from Ivy as ( Geha was replaced by Peyton List .
William Geha currently works in Sylvania, Ohio and Holland, Ohio as a drug counselor and prevention specialist.
"We literally run out of stars [in satellite galaxies] to study," says Marla Geha, an astronomer at Yale University.
Dr Lena Geha is a trauma expert at the Palestine Trauma Centre; she points out that there are nowhere near enough mental health facilities in Gaza to meet the growing demand for their services.
2010) for describing the lactation curve of dairy cows.Socubic spline regression models have been used to model lactation period with test day milk yield instead of the others(White and Brotherstone (1997); Jamrozik et al.(2009); Sahin and Efe (2010); Geha et al.(2011); Koncagul and Yazgan (2011)) because cubic spline regressions have high compliance excellence in modeling of lactation curves.
Near Bnei Brak, demonstrators blocked the Geha highway and caused massive traffic jams, Israel Radio reported.
Reines, along with Jenny Greene of Princeton University and Marla Geha of Yale University, analyzed data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and found more than 100 dwarf galaxies whose patterns of light emission indicated the presence of massive black holes and their feeding process.
The trial enrolled 36 adult subjects with PI-ADHD at Geha Mental Health Center in Petach Tikva, Israel.
In June of this year, the Government Employee Health Association (GEHA), Independence, Mo., the nations second-largest health plan for civilian federal employees and retirees, enrolled 1,500 members in a virtual weight loss management program that it says was successful with nearly 80 percent of participants in 2012.
Study of R K Tandon [6] shows that incidence of pyopneumothorax is more common in 10-40 years age group which is consistent with the present study whereas other two studies--A S Geha [7], M M Sherman [8] shows incidence of pyopneumothorax were higher after 40 years of age group.