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GEIGases de Efecto Invernadero
GEIGene-Environment Interaction
GEIGeneral Education Intervention
GEIGlobal Environmental Institute (China)
GEIGrup Especial d'Intervenció (Spanish: Special Forces of the Catalan Police)
GEIGesellschaft für Elektronische Informationsverarbeitung
GEIGenetically Engineered Ingredients
GEIGeographic Enforcement Initiative
GEIGeocentric Equatorial Inertial Coordinate System
GEIGross Emitter Identification
GEIGround Environmental Instrumentation
GEIGovernment Electrical Inspectorate (Jamaica)
GEIGene, Environment and Health Initiative
GEIGlobal Effects Integration (DoD)
GEIGeothermal Energy Institute
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We commend Ingredion and the other 103 companies included in the 2018 GEI for their efforts to create work environments that support gender equality across a diverse range of industries," said Peter T.
In animals, congenital megaesophagus and other congenital esophageal defects have been implicated as the underlying cause of GEI (1).
Therefore, level of GEI is a major element in determining many key aspects of a breeding programme including, whether to aim for wide or specific adaptation, and will affect the choice of locations for selection (Fox et al.
Para la elaboracion del inventario linea base de GEI se realizaron las siguientes actividades:
The target now operates from its Keller, Texas-based headquarters as a wholly-owned division of GEI.
Segun la teoria economica, las emisiones de GEI son una externalidad negativa, es decir, un efecto indirecto y no deseado de los procesos productivos o de consumo que, de alguna manera, generan un costo para la sociedad y las futuras generaciones.
GEI Consultants Inc will head the design of the 6,400 acre-foot upper reservoir, a lined impoundment that will be formed by an earth- and rock-fill dam with a maximum height of more than 200 feet and a crest length of 5,900 feet.
GEAs also help family members strengthen job networking skills as they move from post to post; a February GEI webinar focused on networking.
GEI is a project started by the environmental groups in 2007 aimed at engaging candidates and voters on environmental issues, and drawing out the green agenda of candidates.
SSGCL briefed the participants regarding the bidding process of LNG import and informed that PGPL, ETPL and GEI submitted bids and the same were opened on 9th January, 2013 which was the opening date as per advertisement.
Bahrain's 54 points rank it among those countries with very low GEI but far above the Middle East and North African average (43) and in a better condition than Saudi Arabia (37), although below Qatar (60).
Los GEI, definidos en el protocolo de Kioto el ano 1997, forman una capa permanente en la parte media de la atmosfera que impide que toda la radiacion solar que es devuelta por la tierra pueda salir, provocando con ello que la temperatura bajo la capa aumente.