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GEIGases de Efecto Invernadero
GEIGroup Emotional Intelligence
GEIGender Equity Index
GEIGene-Environment Interaction
GEIGeneral Education Intervention
GEIGigabit Ethernet Interface (router)
GEIGlobal Environmental Institute (China)
GEIGrup Especial d'Intervenció (Spanish: Special Forces of the Catalan Police)
GEIGesellschaft für Elektronische Informationsverarbeitung
GEIGlobal Effects Integration (US DoD)
GEIGenetically Engineered Ingredients
GEIGeographic Enforcement Initiative
GEIGeocentric Equatorial Inertial Coordinate System
GEIGross Emitter Identification
GEIGround Environmental Instrumentation
GEIGovernment Electrical Inspectorate (Jamaica)
GEIGene, Environment and Health Initiative
GEIGeothermal Energy Institute
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Donghai Wang, Ph.D., P.E., vice president and computer applications development leader, working out of GEI's Sacramento office, has 18 years of experience in geospatial data management, spatial analysis, Web-based GIS application development and database-driven Website maintenance.
The improvement could have been bigger if not for the two bottlenecks, described as the weakest links by the GEI research, that are slowing down the development of an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country: slow absorption of new technology and lack of risk capital.
The addition of H2A is a great fit to GEI, as the two companies share the same vision -- to offer professional services and value to clients, said GEI president Raymond Hart.
The GEI program gives family members information about employment prospects and local job search processes.
In this regard, multivariate statistical procedures have been developed to estimate the stability and the GEI (Brennan et al., 1981; Crossa et al., 1990).
On the global level, Norway got 89, Finland (88) and Iceland (87), which places them as countries with a medium GEI. Of 154 nations measured, five in the worst situation are Congo (29), Niger (26), Chad (25), Yemen (24) and Afghanistan (15).
El Tercer Informe de Evaluacion de IPCC confirmo los resultados cientificos de los informes anteriores, indicando que la mayor parte del calentamiento global observado durante los ultimos 50 anos era probable se debiera al aumento de las concentraciones de GEI (IPCC, 2001).
CE Fernandes, Chairman & Managing Director, GEI Industrial Systems, commenting on the order received said, "It is a defining moment for all of us.
CE Fernandes, Chairman & Managing Director, GEI Industrial Systems, said, "It is a defining moment for all of us.
-- El empresariado mexicano se resiste a impulsar los compromisos internacionales que asumio el gobierno de Felipe Calderon en 2009 para luchar contra el cambio climatico, asienta un documento interno de la Comision Europea, segun el cual la negativa obedece a que el diseno de programas para reducir los gases de efecto invernadero (GEI), sobre todo dioxido de carbono, no solo incrementara sus costos de produccion, sino que representa una perdida de ventajas competitivas en la region.
El nuevo Fondo Verde Climatico tiene la intencion de movilizar US$100.000 millones al ano para 2020 con el fin de ayudar a los paises en desarrollo a afrontar las consecuencia del recalentamiento del planeta y mitigar las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero (GEI), causantes del fenomeno.