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Contrary to the press release dated 12/08/15, Zarvic did not agree to be acquired by GEIG. The deal never transpired.
Geig [1,3] ([dagger]) Amin El-Heliebi, [1,2] Martina Auer, [3] Peter Ulz, [3] Thomas Schwarzbraun, [3] Gottfried Dohr, [1,2] and Peter Sedlmayr [1,2] *
Striking Attitudes Dance Company - 'Cmig f age' ill see the rld premiere f rk chregrphed b Crlie Lmb tht dels ith geig b fcusig lder mle dcer.
"This arrangement has gone on for far too long and in July last year FIFA official Walter Geig carried out an inspection of the stadium.