GEIIGénie Électrique et Informatique Industrielle (French)
GEIIGraymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute (New York, NY)
GEIIGolden Eagle International, Inc. (Bolivian junior mining company; Salt Lake City, UT)
GEIIGeneral Electric International, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
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*wa-ne ka k@ppii geii she.F-ERG grass.3.SG.M.-NOM cut go-PF 'She cut the grass and went away.'
wa TuGRo pakaii geii she-NOM food.3.SG.M-NOM cook.SVI go-PF.F 'She cooked food and went away.'
(6) E asi dixeron los sabios dellas que auian huertas con arboles de oro (GEII,30.1b-3-)
Sin embargo, es relevante advertir que mientras en el corpus correspondiente a GEII hay ausencia de complemento infinitivo hemos hallado catorce emisiones con dicho tipo de complemento en LT, siete en Fiesta y seis en Regenta.
En el corpus correspondiente a GEII, por ejemplo, solo hemos hallado las dos emisiones siguentes:
En GEII, por ejemplo, la relevancia de los contextos de hostilidad se ve justificada no solo por la alta frecuencia de uso de con sino tambien por la alternancia de dicho uso con el de la preposicion contra, tal como vemos en los ejemplos que siguen:
When a crack is detected, inspectors from GEII usually report the findings to the relevant group manager, who then decides whether to pass the report to senior officials.
Some GEII officials said they were asked by TEPCO to ''rewrite'' the original data, according to the sources.
Acquisition of equipment for a robotic room of the geii department of the iut saint-etienne of jean monnet university
TEPCO entrusted GEII to replace the damaged steam dryer in 1991.
Of these candidates, 74 were admitted in the first year of the DUT: 24 students for the Sustainable Construction Civil Engineering (GCCD) stream; 17 in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics (GEII); 13 in Mechanical and Production Engineering (GMP) and 20 in Networks and Telecommunications (RT).
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: GEII Technology University Institute of Aix-Marseille-150 avenue Marchal Leclerc 13658 Salon de Provence