GEIPGigabit Ethernet Interface Processor
GEIPGlobal Enterprise Integration Practice (CIBER, Inc.)
GEIPGreat Editing in Progress (Wikipedia shortcut)
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Major news events, such as disasters and political scandals, are regarded as "key events" that displace other news coverage (Geip, 2011).
It is important to note that previous literature examined issue competition using correlations between the amounts of coverage of social issues (Brosius & Kepplinger, 1995; Geip, 2011; Zhu, 1992).
The first awards function of this prize, specially established for GCC countries and named Gulf Energy, will be held in Bahrain with participation of GEIP chairman Evgeny P Velikhov and Russian Academy of Science vice-president Dr Nikolai Laverov during BWES 2010 which runs on November 22-23.
[9.] GEIP. La iniciacion a los deportes desde su estructura y dinamica: aplicacion a la educacion fisica escolar y al entrenamiento deportivo.
During their meeting, Minister of Education Abdul-Razzaq al-Ashwal and the GEIP coordinator reviewed the contribution of the program in improving basic education and propping up the ministry's capabilities.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Doors And Ventilators In Bathroom And Toilet For 198 Quarters 33 Blocks At Owl Estate Under Geip Fy Ishapore
An LNG regasification terminal at Port Qasim LNG Zone is been established by GEI Pakistan (GEIP), the local company of the Group.
Limited Tenders are invited for Service Contract Of Geip Plc Systems Installed In Stg-I And Ii, 2016-17
Limited Tenders are invited for Upgradation Of Geip (Ge Fanuc) Plc Workstation In Ahp-1, Ahp-2 And Cw Treatment Plant-2 From Windows Xp To Windows-8
Tenders are invited for Providing Periodic maintenance service of GEIP make PLC system of AHP of unit no.
GEIP are conditional long-term incentive plans aligned with the Company's objectives and dependent on the Company's performance against final and intermediate targets.
The project builds on the work of the previous programme, the General Education Improvement Program (GEIP), to specifically improve quality, with a particular focus on the first three years of schooling.