GEISCOGeneral Electric Information Services COmpany
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Microsoft has delved still deeper, entering alliances with companies along the entire payments chain - NPCH, network provider GEISCO, and merchant processor NABANCO - to enable businesses using its software to transfer funds electronically.
UCS services are available through McDonnell Douglas's EDI-Net, GEISCO's Mark-Net, Informatics General's Ordernet Services and through proprietary networks.
Remote-Computing Services Survivors--There will be additional new services announcements from the "traditional" suppliers of remote-computing services, as firms like GEISCO, BCS and McAuto move more and more into direct competition with established VAN suppliers.
Dun & Bradstreet, for example, now has Dunsnet and GEISCO has Marknet.
Interconnection are maintained with the domestic networks on Tymnet, GTE Telenet and General Electric Information Services Company (Geisco).
These service providers include the IRCs (RCA, MCI, FTCC, Western Union, TRT and ITT), AT&T and other DDD or DDS providers, and value-added networks such as Tymnet, Telenet, Geisco and CSC.