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GEKKOGesellschaft für Kommunikation und Kooperation (German: Society for Communication and Cooperation)
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Gekko has a long history with KIS, having been associated with the Dolphin Tungsten Project for the past two years.
This was despite the fact corporate raider Gekko has been named one of the top 50 villains in history and ends up behind bars.
"It's basically Malaysia's answer to Spider-Man," said Peter of Gekko Man.
The takeaway from the scene was simple: Gekko was rich and powerful.
In Wall Street, the financier Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) seeks to dismantle the Teldar Paper company and sell it off in parts.
Insisting on the task force's strict "neutrality" and its refusal to take sides in the region's political and religious divides, Gekko says Iraqi Kurdistan's peshmerga fighters emerged as "the least risky choice".
The Gekko fixed-blade is offered in two lengths: the 1510 model is 9.33 inches overall and there's a larger version in the 10.12-inch 1530.
Soon, Fox willingly conspires with Gekko in securities fraud.
But when Gekko threatens to break up Bluestar, hurting his father and friends, Fox redeems himself; but not before losing everything, including his self-respect.
Saracens chairman Nigel Wray, above, and Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (inset below)