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(7) It is clear that the political patronage has culminated in the Orban government and it has largely contributed to the erosion of the middle class (see also Gellen, 2013, Kopecky et al, 2012, Meyer-Sahling, 2009, Meyer-Sahling and Veen, 2012, Meyer-Sahling and Jager, 2012, Montpetit, 2011, Nakrosis and Gudzinkas, 2013, Zubek and Goetz, 2010, Zubek, 2011).
Many graduate students will likely turn green with envy when opening this volume: Adam Gellen succeeded in finding a dissertation topic related to a "great composer" that has often been touched upon by earlier generations of scholars, but not yet received the kind of monographic treatment it surely deserved.
It was hypothesized that the greater volume of tuck jumps performed after the long duration stretching would not only reduce but would reverse the adverse effects of static stretching on explosive power generation (Gellen, 2010; Chaouachi et al., 2010).
Feldman (2002), Downs (1992), Glaeser and Gyourko (2002), and Gellen (1982) suggest, however, that so-called housing shortages are not supply issues but instead are income problems.
They are in the South West Conference teamtravelling to Gellen, Holland and Den Haag over Easter.
(37.) Szenasi Z, Ozsvar Z, Nagy E, Jeszensky M, Szabo J, Gellen J, Vegh M, Verhofstede C.
I am deeply grateful for the comments of Jake Bassett, Ben Callard, Loyd Gattis, Agnes Gellen, Chris Horn, Jen Johnson, Chris Kutz, Suzanne Obdrzalek, Eduardo Ortiz, Carol Rovane, Josh Sheptow, Seana Shiffrin, Daniel Warren, Wai-hung Wong, two readers for the Philosophical Review, and especially Sam Scheffler, Jay Wallace, and Jessica Cross.
So it focuses its business on the consolidator's shops that are the best and has Progressive claims representatives visit the shops every day, said Steven Gellen, physical damage process leader for Progressive.
Eli Wallach will be Sancho Panza, Hurd Hatfield the Duke, and Viveca Lindfors will be my "splendid alley cat." Audrey Gellen will produce, and Karl Genus, who'd staged an earlier work of mine, American Primitive, will direct.
C1; also Martin Gellen, "The Making of a Pollution-Industrial Complex," in Eco-Catastrophe, Editors of Ramparts, ed.
Gellen, "As Carrot for Investors, More Companies Boost Call Protection on Long-Term Debt," Bond Buyer (May 13, 1991), p.
After Gellen, a cynical doctor, cures him, Smiricky and Vixi consummate their lust (and in later years she has a child in secret by him).