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Of the total of 5,138 guilders, almost half (49 per cent) was to be provided by the landowners in the two polders, by levying a rate of 3.5 guilders per gemet. This was a considerable sum, but much less than the 6 guilders that the two polders had had to levy in 1739.
The provincial Audit Office (Rekenkamer) proposed to repair this by introducing a land tax of 3 stuivers (0.15 guilders) per gemet (0.4 ha) on all land in the province and an extra contribution on the part of the inland polders.
Nis past monnes gemet moldhrerendra, paet he maege in hrepre his heah geweorc furpor aspyrgen ponne him frea sylle to ongietanne godes agen bibod (23b-30) [I shall, straightaway, say more to you concerning the abundant-power of the Lord, more than you, crafty-in-thought, may grasp with your mind in your heart.
2 Jacques Gemet translated by Janet Lloyd in China and the Christian Impact: a Conflict of Cultures.
And again, he says, "ond sipdan witig God / on swa hwoepere hond halig Dryhten / maerdo deme, swa him gemet pince," [...
Area after reform is the total surface area of Zuid-Beveland in the first half of the sixteenth century, which is estimated at 76,500 gemet; area before reform is this total area minus an estimated 23,000 gemet for parishes in the interior.
Sum sceal on beore purh byreles hond meodugal maecga; ponne he gemet ne con gemearcian his mupe mode sine, ac sceal ful earmlice ealdre linnan dreogan dryhtenbealo dreamum biscyred ond hine to sylfcwale secgas nemnad maenad mid mupe meodugales gedrinc.