GEMMGeneral Matrix-Matrix
GEMMGlobal Electronic Music Marketplace (website)
GEMMGilt-Edged Market Makers (bank)
GEMMGreater Excellence in Management and Maintenance (South Coast Apartment Association)
GEMMGlobal E-Commerce Mega Marketplace (online superstore)
GEMMGround Electronics Maintenance Manager
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He scarce had said, when the bare Earth, till then Desert and bare, unsightly, unadorn'd, Brought forth the tender Grass, whose verdure clad Her Universal Face with pleasant green, Then Herbs of every leaf, that sudden flour'd Op'ning thir various colours, and made gay Her bosom smelling sweet: and these scarce blown, Forth flourish't thick the clustring Vine, forth crept The smelling Gourd, up stood the cornie Reed Embattell'd in her field: add the humble Shrub, And Bush with frizl'd hair implicit: last Rose as in Dance the stately Trees, and spred Thir branches hung with copious Fruit; or gemm'd Thir Blossoms: with high Woods the Hills were crownd, With tufts the vallies & each fountain side, With borders long the Rivers.
Recent work by Intel studied various GEMM operations for next-generation DNNs.
C, Morphology of different colony-forming unit types, including M, GM, GEMM, and E.
Conceived by the European Training Foundation (ETF) and funded by the European Union, the project of Governance for Employability in the Mediterranean (GEMM) lasted three years (2014-2016) and aims to improve the governance of vocational training through pilot projects in countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean, including Tunisia.
At the same time, the I/O interface is the typical bottleneck of most if not all high performance GEMM as well as other compute accelerators.
Gemm, Lo's and Noah's grandmother, provides the nurture they need.
But the scores were soon level as the visitors struck back with a breakaway score from flanker Dan Gemm, which Ben Cooper converted.
"We're like the new Posh and Becks," shrieks Gemm as she stylishly shows her pals a phone pic of her hapless boyfriend's genitals.
The DMO has invited all other panel member index-linked gilt-edged market makers (GEMM) to be co-lead managers of the offering.
Anaheim, CA, March 28, 2012 --( Promontory Point in Newport Beach was one of four multi-family projects to earn the prestigious “Community of the Year” honors Thursday night at the California Apartment Association South Coast's 12th annual Greater Excellence in Management and Maintenance (GEMM) awards.
Only 60% of the MethoCult GF+ cultures obtained from CAFC of LTC-IC gave rise to HPP-Q (High Proliferative Potential-Quiescent) colonies, while all cultures had BFU-E, GM and GEMM colonies by day 14, as shown in Figure 2.