GEMOGround Electronics Maintenance Officer
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intizer-i kiigez-i gemo hom, to beinom edi vocifinneviste.
De hecho, en el informe "Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2008-2012" (GEMO) realizado por la consultora PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) se indica que se producira una canibalizacion de las versiones impresas por las online debido a la migracion de lectores de los periodicos en papel a las versiones online, lo que recortara los volumenes de circulacion de los ejemplares impresos e impulsara un aumento de la publicidad online.
A resistance of 2200 V and a digital thermometer (GEMO, micro software and PID thermo controlled device) were used to warm up the pool.
Sarisan of Slovakia (pictured), Kruspanek from the Czech Republic, Perlyna from Ukraine, and La Poulido de Gemo from France will all take to the market place stage today and tomorrow.
Sarisan will be performing at the market place every day (except Friday) until the festival ends on Saturday, as will the festival's three other international acts - Kruspanek from the Czech Republic, Perlyna from Ukraine, and La Poulido de Gemo from France.
For instance, speakers of the Zhonganjiang dialect call themselves "Gemo", and Luobohe dialect speakers, "Mjo", instead of "Mong".
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et gaudeo et gemo: gaudeo in spe, gemo adhuc in re.
In 2001, French supermarket GEMO challenged the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Finance and Industry to return its contribution to the tax, and following its refusal, took the case to Dijon Administrative Court accusing the Government of state aid.
In early October, residents began to realize that this outbreak was more than a regular kind of illness and began to classify it as two gemo (two [illness] gemo [epidemic]), the second explanatory model in Table 1.