GEMUGeriatric Evaluation and Management Unit
GEMUGerman Economic and Monetary Union
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To automate process plants, the GEMU LSC limit switch box detects the valve position of manually and pneumatically operated quarter turn valves.
Gemu (the suspect) who spoke to newsmen after the parade said that the AK 47 caught with him belonged to another Fulani man he met at the place of his arrest.
The GEMU 536 pneumatically operated 2/2-way globe valve has a low maintenance membrane actuator which can be controlled by inert gaseous media.
Gemu recognised the need for a professional evaluation of its processes, and hired a counting specialist from Mettler Toledo to examine its counting and packing processes and to make suggestions for improvement.
The original reads: "meido kafe no daigomi wa, honrai no anime ya manga, gemu nado ni sonzai shinai 'moe kyara' toshite no meidosan to, riaru kukan de tanoshimeru koto da." All translations in this article are made by me.
One such achievement would be Yoshimitsu Morita's The Family Game (Kazoku gemu, 1983) based on Yohei Honma's manga of the same title.
Among them are the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, at the forefront of the industry; CinnaGen, regional pioneers in molecular biology and biotech; Fabtech Technologies, a world leader in clean room systems; Sartorious Stedim, one of the world's biggest biotech companies; NNE Pharmaplan, a major global player; Clinart International, pioneering drug development and research for clinical trials in the Middle East; NIGEB, a leading biotech research institute in Iran; BD an industry world leader; LifeLine Hospital/Emcure Pharmaceuticals, one of the top Indian pharmaceutical corporates; and Gemu, a world leader in diaphragm valves.
The next statistically significant event in terms of equity valuations is the date when the terms for the newly formed German Economic, Monetary & Social Union (GEMU) becomes effective.
(''Ajia o butai ni 21 seiki no gemu ga hajimatteiru,'' Ronza, March 2005.)
APPENDIX List of Rehabilitation Variables Considered for Inclusion in the Rehabilitation Taxonomy, Including Definitions of the Variables and Their Data Sources Variable Definition Facility categorization (typology) PAC typology No PAC versus Basic PAC (nursing home, intermediate care ward, or subacute care unit) versus geriatric evaluation and management unit (GEMU) alone or in combination with Basic PAC versus RBU alone or in combination with any other PAC Rehabilitation taxonomy Personnel No.
Atlanta, GA-based Innotec performs 77% of its work for a single customer: Gemu Valves, a German company with a branch in Georgia, for whom the company manufacturers its diaphragm valves and does other valve fabrication.
Dojidai Gemu, 1979), e mentions coming in contact with the Mural Movement during a visit to Mexico: