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GENBANKNational Genetic Sequence Data Base
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The 16S rRNA sequence was deposited into GenBank under accession no.
In addition to 23 VP1 gene sequences from HEV7I strains isolated in Vietnam, 26 VP1 gene nucleotide se quences of HEV71 strains available in the GenBank database were included in this analysis, allowing the generation of a dendrogram containing 49 strains isolated between 1970 and 2005 (Table 1).
The 15 sequences obtained in this research were aligned with 12 representative isolates of GRSPaV from the GenBank, which accession numbers of the nt sequences of the GRSPaV CPs used for phylogenetic analysis are presented in Table 1.
1), allowed determination of the complete nucleotide sequence of the mink growth hormone gene - the total length of the established gDNA sequence is 1745 bp (submitted to the GenBank under accession number JX489617.
Simferopol-based Genbank and Bank Rossiya are both under Western sanctions imposed after Moscow annexed Crimea from Kiev in 2014.
According to molecular technique experts, the move to include Bahraini genetic samples in GenBank will help it fight major flu-related illnesses and help manufacturers to develop vaccines suited to Bahraini society.
The comparative analysis using the wgVISTA alignment between the SOD1 gene from buffalo and the bovine (chromosome 1 genomic scaffold - GenBank accession no NW_003103793.
Positive Host: IRD: Human GenBank: human; gender F; age 25Y Collection Date: 12/21/2009 Flu Season: 9-10 Isolation Source Gender: F Isolation Source Age: 25 Isolation Country: Estonia Lab Host: P0 passage(s) GenBank Submission Date: 05/07/2010 NCBI Taxon ID: 747889 Genbank Source CY062995 Sequence Accession: UniProtKB Accession: D5XKJ9 GenBank Protein Accession: ADG42533.
DNA sequences were aligned with BLAST and compared with sequences deposited in GenBank.
The scientists selected about 1,000 unique genes from among 5,000 genes found in GenBank that included the words "antimicrobial resistance" in their description.
Reported sequences for the rDNA 16S genes of Klebsiella genus were obtained from the Genbank and some described sequences for setting phylogenetic relationships of related Enterobacteriacea species were also included (9) (Table 1).