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The survey found 44% of the investing population are in GenD, so 56% don't have a big appetite for digital.
Jewellery Quartz Timex watch CANONBIE, DUMFRIESSHIRE Gend Ethn Heig Date Esti Bod Ci C rc at Ha Cl Che cPL Gender Male Age range 40 to 65 Ethnicity White European Height 177cm (5ft 10in) Build Slim found December 20, 2010 Estimated death November 13, 2010 Body or remains Body Circumstances Found hanging from a tree in Burnside Plantation.
The issue of direct effect of EU regulations was highlighted for the first time in connection with the EEC (European Economic Community) Treaty provision, the former article 12, and present article 25 from TFEU (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union), in the case known as the Van Gend en Loos.
In this context it must be noted that the European Court of Justice developed the doctrine of direct effect--a doctrine which allows certain EU acts to become automatically a part of the domestic law of member states which can be relied upon by individuals in challenges before national courts--from very similar judicial foundations in Case 26/62 Van Gend en Loos [1963].
Action for a preliminary ruling is, by its originality as a proof of uniqueness "new legal order of international law" (Case 26/62, Van Gend & Loos v.
Full-Term Preterm >1,500g # IQ 107 [+ or -] 7,8 104 [+ or -] 8.3 Boys 2,37 [+ or -] 0,57 2,21 [+ or -] 0,78 VF Girls IQ 105 [+ or -] 7,56 99 [+ or -] 8,2 VF 2,6 [+ or -] 0,6 2,3 [+ or -] 0,58 Preterm <1,500g * IQ 96 [+ or -] 4 Boys 1,7 [+ or -] 0,48 * VF Girls IQ 99 [+ or -] 8,9 VF 2,8 [+ or -] 0.44 Note: Diff.= differences, Gend.= gender, F = F-value ANOVA, p = p-value from F statistic.
Several variables were included in the analysis: ACT composite score (COMP), ACT English score (ENGL), and mathematics score (MATH) all with a continuous value range between 1 and 36; student gender (GEND) which was a dichotomous variable where 0 indicated male and 1 indicated female; and Calculus I final grade (GRAD) which was also dichotomous for this study where 1 indicated successful completion of Calculus I (a final grade of A, B or C) and 0 indicated unsuccessful completion of Calculus I (a final grade of D, F or W).
Las reticencias de algunos estados miembros de las comunidades europeas y las dificultades que inicialmente plantearon sus tribunales constitucionales, frente a los efectos inmediatos de un derecho comunitario que en su conjunto, seri?1/2a jeri?1/2rquicamente superior a los ordenamientos internos, fueron superadas gracias a una constante y reiterada doctrina jurisprudencial del Tribunal de Justicia de las Comunidades Europeas que se inicia con las citadas sentencias Van Gend & Loos, de 1963, y Costa/ENEL, de 196425.
In this well-written and important book, Green explores the connected history of such patterns in the Bell System between 1876 and 1984, "the convergence of gender, class, race, and technology in the workplace." (1) She particularly details evolution of telephone operators' roles "in the context of debates over the degradation of skills, job loss, worker's control, job segregation and segmentation, and race and labor/management relations." (2) Green contends that management deliberately manipulated the operator workforce for decades, through technological deskilling, overbearing supervision, paternalism, and gend er and racial stereotyping.
(1) COMPLETION = a + [b.sub.1] PreATE + [b.sub.2] GEND + [b.sub.3] AGE + [b.sub.4] CLASS + [b.sub.5] GPA + [b.sub.6] ACT + [b.sub.7] TEST