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* Consumer information for buying DNA tests by describing the expertise, quality-assurance activities, and resources of the providers of genetic tests.
The company said its programmes allow employers to facilitate access while remaining compliant with the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), by offering employees the opportunity to consult independently and confidentially with Genome Medical providers.
On the other hand, genetic information may be used to discriminate against someone, especially in the provision of services like insurance and/or in employment.
Genetic counselling is the giving of advice to prospective parents concerning the risks of genetic disorders in a future child.
He said that more than 300 types of genetic diseases have been recorded in the Sultanate.
ASDs can sometimes be caused by a change in the genetic information.
Cristina mentioned that the topics she discussed with the workshop's participants included: Genetic testing: diagnostic, carrier and predictive; genetic tests: types, indications and limitations; genetic testing in children and adolescents; pre-natal genetic testing; expert consultation and referral; well-informed patient consent; options post-genetic testing; genetic data, the patient and his/her family.
Genetic testing holds great promise for improving public health, and patients must be able to turst that their genetic information will be protected from inappropriate and discriminatory uses," Dr.
State Statutes Relating to Genetic Nondiscrimination
Only 25% of Americans trust their health insurer to not misuse their genetic information, and only 17% trust their employer, according to a 2007 survey conducted by the Johns Hopkins Genetics and Public Policy Center, Washington, cited in the paper.