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GENIEGrid Enabled Integrated Earth System Model (Natural Environment Research Council; UK)
GENIEGeneral Electric Network for Information Exchange
GENIEGenetic Imagery Exploitation
GENIEGerontechnology Education Network in Europe
GENIEGlobal Networked Information Enterprise
GENIEGeoreference Environmental Network for Information Exchange
GENIEGeneral Information Extractor
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"Accursed genie!" replied Maimoune, "what harm can you do me?
Oh, my heart, my soul!" he exclaimed, as he kissed her forehead, her eyes and mouth in a way which would certainly have roused her had not the genie's enchantments kept her asleep.
Then Maimoune turning to the genie said: "Well, are you satisfied that my prince surpasses your princess?
"Why," said he, "a magician could call up a lot of genies, and they would hash you up like nothing before you could say Jack Robinson.
"Well," I says, "s'pose we got some genies to help US -- can't we lick the other crowd then?"
"Why, they rub an old tin lamp or an iron ring, and then the genies come tearing in, with the thunder and lightning a-ripping around and the smoke a-rolling, and everything they're told to do they up and do it.
I got an old tin lamp and an iron ring, and went out in the woods and rubbed and rubbed till I sweat like an Injun, calculating to build a palace and sell it; but it warn't no use, none of the genies come.
'About the Fairies, sir, and the Dwarf, and the Hunchback, and the Genies,' she sobbed out; 'and about - '
Chaplains, raise the Psalm, Quare fremuerunt Genies? Knights, squires, and followers of the Holy Temple, prepare to follow the banner of Beau-seant!''
"World's 1st FREE restaurant ordering platform," Takeaway Genie, continues to gain traction with rapid expansion in the United States
Bringing Genie into its fold of brands supports "increased demand for Genie products and services throughout the Middle East", according to Genie.
Sharbel Kordahi, managing director, Terex Equipment Middle East (TEME) and Genie sales director for Middle East, South Africa, Russia and CIS, Terex AWP, said: "Partnering with Bahrah Trading in Kuwait is part of a strategic and logical move to develop a stronger foothold in the Middle East region."
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