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GENLOCKGenerator Locking device (internal sync generator to sync two video signals)
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Genlock free recording eliminates the need to synchronize four input sources, while redundant recording provides multiple backups in the field to protect the recorded video.
The UX180's potential use in multicamera live events is hampered only by the lack of Genlock (which would save the video switcher from having to lose a frame to sync it with the other cameras) and the inability to use both HDMI and SDI out (one output for the operator's monitor and the other for the house feed).
-- Genlock -- Enables synchronization with standard signal formats and house-sync signals for video post-production, broadcast, compositing, and editing solutions.
The system also features mote extensive LED diagnostics than ever before, with input/output indicators for video, command, response, genlock sync, and optical signal strength.
Another offering, the Scan Do family from Communications Specialties boasts support up to 1,024 x 768, magnification with panning, 24-bit RGB processing, digital encoding and genlock support.
The AW-UE70W/K offers genlock, Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S), and remote switchable ND filters.
It also features GenLock camera syncing, multicamera group settings control, and extended batteries.
The VC series can also embed accompanying audio into the DV/HDV stream and embed up to four channels of audio into the SDI/HD-SDI stream, and provides audio-delay adjustments in millisecond or frame increments for lip/audio sync with the video source as well as in/out sync terminals to allow Genlock with external devices.
-- Multiview Capabilities: Wildcat Realizm technology integrates 3Dlabs' fifth-generation Multiview Genlock and Framelock capabilities for seamless synchronization and edge blending between displays and systems for visual simulation, virtual reality and broadcast applications.
Internal products include the Producer Pro from Magni Systems in Beaverton, Ore., which integrates an internal keyer and provides genlock circuitry.