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GENLOCKGenerator Locking device (internal sync generator to sync two video signals)
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Genlock -- Enables synchronization with standard signal formats and house-sync signals for video post-production, broadcast, compositing, and editing solutions.
Additional connections include a DVI-I input for computer use, two DVI-D outputs (PGM and multi-viewer), a microphone input, dual aux in and audio outputs, a headphone jack, as well as connections for genlock, GPI, RS-232C and tally output.
Multiview Capabilities: Wildcat Realizm technology integrates 3Dlabs' fifth-generation Multiview Genlock and Framelock capabilities for seamless synchronization and edge blending between displays and systems for visual simulation, virtual reality and broadcast applications.
Myriad individual cards exist: frame grabbers for capturing and digitizing single frames of motion video; genlock, to synchronize an incoming video signal to the computer, some of which also do graphics overlay; video-output for print-to-tape capability; real-time video compression for storage, often coupled with decompression for full-motion playback; and more.
Based on field-proven technology, the units offer the operator a range of signals for camera control and synchronisation, including program video, audio, communications, data, and genlock.
It supports Universal Analog, DVI single link, and SD/HD/3G SDI signal formats and provides loop-through outputs for the Analog, DVI and SDI input and genlock signals.
Canon says its XF305 model features industry-standard HD- SDI output, genlock and SMPTE time code (in/out) terminals for multi-camera or 3D productions.
The NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000G, with genlock and framelock capabilities, is available with HP Workstations xw6000 and xw8000, and with HP's scalable visualization technology from IBM by special order.
The Institute of Technology has also purchased a slide projector that is the EV308's equivalent-and also sports genlock capabilities.