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GENOSGlobal Earth Navigation and Observation Systems
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299 PERSE DION GENOS to PERSE, DION GENOS, was thought to have been Dius) was a native of Cyme in Aeolis, where he was a seafaring trader and, perhaps, also a farmer.
it was a deliberate, politically programmatic, name within the Alcmaeonid genos. The Spartans certainly promoted the career of Cimon as a rival to Themistocles (Themistocles 20.4), and he, in turn, called one of his sons Lacedaemonius (Thuc.
17 April 2017 - US-based molecular diagnostics company NantOmics has acquired US-based sequencing, personal genetic discovery and research community Genos, the company said.
For discussion on Plato's use of genos in regard to divisions among humans, see Kamtekar 2002.
Aristotle understands metabasis eis allo genos to be a fundamental error of scientific reasoning.
No structure has been found or identified as the Eurysakeion, but its approximate location seems assured by ancient testimonia that it was in Melite and by the discovery on or near the southern part of the Kolonos Agoraios of fragments of stelai inscribed with documents of the genos Salaminioi and the phyle Aiantis that include provisions for the erection of those stelai in the Eurysakeion; see Ferguson 1938; Agora III, pp.
For a long time there has been a division between the view of Wilamowitz and his followers, that the Demotionidae were a phratry and the Deceleans a privileged genos within it, and that of Wade-Gery refined by Andrewes, that the Deceleans were a phratry and the Demotionidae a privileged genos within it.(3) Each of these interpretations gave rise to problems; and since the work of Bourriot and Roussel on the gene(4) there has been a reluctance to believe in gene as aristocratic clans able to control their phratries.
(13) "Impulso e um rapido movimento da mente em direcao a algo" (hormen einai phoran psyches epi ti kata genos)--Ario Didimo 9.31-32.