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'His credibility was questioned over a controversial land issue and PH capitalised on this,' Raja says, referring to a police report being circulated during the campaign period that Genot alienated NCR land in one of the village to members of family.
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(37) La preuve en est que l'analyse structurelle de Genot s'applique sans difficulte aux deux parties.
The pilot test also revealed the incompleteness of toxicity testing data for even these relatively well-studied chemicals; almost none had undergone a full battery of published toxicity tests addressing genot oxicity, endocrine disruption, mammary gland development, and cellular behaviors consistent with hallmarks of cancer (e.g., decreased apoptosis).
Dans cette meme optique, Pascal Genot, scenariste et docteur en sciences de la communication, racontera [beaucoup moins que] l'Algerie de Pierre Bourdieu [beaucoup plus grand que] et fera un retour sur l'experience humaine et intellectuelle vecue par ce sociologue durant la periode de la revolution algerienne.
In the article, Belgium, a State Divided'', Alain Genot and David Lowe emphasize the significant role of language in shaping identities and the politics of countries.
Alongside food, most affected families see shelter as their biggest priority still, Xavier Genot, shelter cluster coordinator for Region VIII in the Eastern Visayas, the worst affected area, agreed, echoing the need for further assistance.
ii) Gereelde lesers van Wilhelm Jordaan se koerantrubrieke sowel as lesers wat met hierdie bundel vir die eerste keer met sy skrywes kennis maak, sal ewe veel genot put uit die lees van Spitstyd: Uitgesoekte rubrieke.