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GENSGreater Elmwood Neighborhood Services (Providence, Rhode Island)
GENSGeneral Soviet
GENSGE Network Services
GENSGeneric Exploitation NT Server
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"C'est le caractere des gens de guerre," said Cora, with admirable self-possession.
Gen. Pinkney's brother was once Minister to Bolivia."
But Gen. Pinkney!--Joe, that old man nearly went distracted.
An' there was niver nobody else gen me nothin' but what I got by my own sharpness, only you, Mr.
"I shouldn't ha' come back upon you now ye're i' trouble, an' folks say as the master, as I used to frighten the birds for, an' he flogged me a bit for fun when he catched me eatin' the turnip, as they say he'll niver lift up his head no more,--I shouldn't ha' come now to ax you to gi' me another knife 'cause you gen me one afore.
** August Messer, "Experimentell-psychologische Untersuchu gen uber das Denken," vol.
If he's anything of a gen'l'm'n, he's vurth a shillin' a day, let alone the arrands.' Stimulated by this inspiring reflection, Mr.