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GENTSGentleman Engineering Non Temperance Society (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, now defunct)
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"Tell young gent to look alive," says guard, opening the hind- boot and shooting in the parcels after examining them by the lamps.
As we comes up, 'Now, boys,' says young gent on the box (smart young fellow and desper't reckless), 'here's fun!
"For just as long as it takes the old gent to land another bunch of gold-pouched, retriever-snouted treasure-hunters, and no longer.
The sea's the life for us--you an' me, Killeny, son, an' the old gent an' Kwaque, an' Cocky, too.
"De gent says he's had de ski-bunk put on him widout no cause.
I don't say so much about this other gent, though I saw him along with you on the job that time in the provinces; but if he's a pal of yours, Mr.
So he sends the clurk to fetch the manager, as there was one or two things he wished to speak about; an' when they come back, blowed if the gent isn't gone!
The coppers is up there now, and the tec, and the manager, and they think their gent is about the place somewhere still.
"And I could ha' sworn it was the same gent when he give me the key!"
The captain walked up and down looking straight before him, the helmsman steered, looking upwards at the sails, the old gent on the skylight looked down on his daughter--and Mr.
Those two got up and moved towards the companion, the old gent very erect, his thin locks stirring gently about the nape of his neck, and carrying the rugs over his arm.
GENTS PAIRS - Semi-finals: Tarves (N Campbell, M McIntosh) v Belhelvie A (I Forman, D Watson) (Newhills); Inverurie A (P McCutcheon, C Banks) v Harlaw B (T Gow, S Simpson) (Newhills).