GEOCGlobal Enterprise Operations Center (US DoD)
GEOCGovernment Emergency Operations Centre
GEOCGraduate Employee Organizing Committee
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The use of on-site liaison officers was found to be very beneficial, enabling further translation and use of the expert advice by the emergency managers in the NCMC and the Auckland GEOC. A recommendation was the demonstrated importance of having scientific advice provided by "one trusted source" through AVSAG, as it helped to prevent conflicting or confusing messages (MCDEM, 2008b).
In a world where technology is advancing at a remarkable rate, and security is of increasing concern, GEOC, as part of a global network of similar facilities, will have clear military intelligence applications.
Previous media reports have indicated that 4C GEOC - a tie-up between US-based 4C Controls and Hydra Trading - will itself establish a training programme in the capital.
GEOC is the GCC chambers' official delegate to the European chambers' organisation.
In recent months Abu Dhabi-based 4C GEOC has announced plans for a $1-billion Earth Observation Space Center while Abu Dhabi-based Aabar Investments has taken a $280-million (Dh1 billion), 32-per cent stake in Virgin Galactic.
The Gulf Satellite Programme calls for the construction of the so-called 4C Gulf Earth Observation Centre (GEOC), in collaboration with 4C Controls Inc.
The recent announcement by Abu Dhabi based 4C GEOC for a US$1 billion dollar Earth Observation Space Center, Yahsat's planned telecommunication satellites launches and the scheduled launch this summer of the UAE's first ingeniously built remote sensing satellite, DubaSat-1, is further evidence that the UAE is showing the way forward for Arab countries in the creation of a regional space programme.
The 4C GEOC will be developed in a collaborative venture between United States public company 4C Controls Incorporated, and Abu Dhabi based Hydra Trading LLC.