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GEODESGeoscience Data Evaluation System
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There is something special about a geode. A very long time ago, volcanic activity caused the formation of roundish "rocks" that were hollow inside and contained trapped gasses.
Mining of the dramatic, and often gigantic, celestine geodes began in 1967, and specimens were abundant on the mineral market through the late 1960s and into the 1970s.
While the Lunari collection offers drop-gorgeous earrings and rings boasting bold and accented looks blending black gold with black diamonds and multi-hued gemstones, its Geode collection 'ups' the style quotient with its sumptuous stud earrings and ring collection featuring white and rose gold settings with white diamonds, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires and amethysts.
Geologists think the gigantic geode was formed 6 million years ago, when mineral-saturated water flowed through a rock hole.
Damage to the geode during shipment to Canada revealed that at some time one of the calcite crystals had been fractured, then rather carelessly mended with a transparent glue.
This article will examine the geology, stratigraphy, origins, and mineralogy of the locality as it relates to the formation of the geodes.