GEODSSGround-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (System)
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(20) From this finding, a reasonable worst-case observing scenario was chosen--specifically, from the Diego Garcia GEODSS site with a minimum viewing angle of 33[degrees] elevation with a gibbous moon 45[degrees] from the sight line.
Given the presumption that each object requires an epoch update every 24 hours and that GEODSS is tasked to collect the observations in its normal operational mode, a metric for the GEODSS sensor off-load time can be generated.
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(63) The GEODSS Modification Program, which included new mission-critical computer resources and reconfiguration of the entire system to permit dynamic scheduling in near-real time, became operational on August 3, 1999.
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"Since 1982, this GEODSS site has been key in tracking orbiting objects to make sure they're where they're supposed to be and that they don't crash into each other."
GEODSS tracks space objects through the use of reflected sunlight, and thus can only operate on clear nights.
Shahn Rashid stands inside the housing of one of the Air Force's one-meter GEODSS sensor dome at the Maui Space Surveillance Complex.