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The next morning, the suspect confessed he had gone to visit his uncle at his house and from there he forced his uncle to accompany him to meet geog Mangmi to talk about their land dispute.
Another early example is GEOG 170: Map Reading and Interpretation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Following the GEOG 900 workshop, the project's second phase emerged from partnering with The Young Scientists Academy (YSA) of the UND School of Engineering and Mines, on August 1, 2007.
As a whole, GEOG 207W developed into a blended learning space along the lines suggested by Oravec (2003).
TABLE 3 Pearson Correlation Analysis of Independent Variables Pearson Correlation Coefficients on 681 Insurers, 1991-1992 OUTBD MUTUAL SIZE GEOG OUTBD 1.00 MUTUAL .21(**) 1.00 SIZE .16(**) -.08(*) 1.00 GEOG -.07 -.14(**) .49(**) 1.00 HINDEX -.11(**) -.26(**) 0.01 -.02 CAPISSUE -.20(**) -.22(**) .00 .12(**) HEALTH .06 .20(**) .29(**) .23(**) HINDEX CAPISSUE HEALTH OUTBD MUTUAL SIZE GEOG HINDEX 1.00 CAPISSUE .10(**) 1.00 HEALTH -.26(**) -.17(**) 1.00 (**), (*) Pearson Correlation coefficients significant at [is less than or equal to] the .01, .05 level, respectively, two-sided.
If a great power lies between the minor power and the potential revisionist, then the minor is coded as unexposed, and the exposure variable, GEOG, is coded as 0; otherwise, the minor power is exposed, and GEOG is coded as 1.
Back on the established site, the redevelopment could result in a drastic change to the ground's geog raphy.
Although it is being used in GEOG 151 (Human Geography), only the pre-test results of GEOG 419 (Methods and Materials of Geographic Education) for the Spring 2003 semester will be highlighted.